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Fred Hudson  - Owner
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Tyrell Hudson
Assistant Instructor
Hockey is a very technical sport. As a player, you have to be able to skate, stick-handle, pass, shoot,
beat other players one on one and utilize your teammates to be successful. Not only do you have to master
individual skills, you have to master individual tactics and team tactics as well.
What about the physical demands of hockey? How can you maximize your performance on the
ice? Is off-ice training beneficial? What about nutrition and recovery?
What about the mental
demands on an elite athlete?
How important are these factors to your success as a player?
When you play hockey you use all three energy systems. Hockey is predominantly an anaerobic lactic
. We also use the anaerobic alactic energy system (explosive power) and the aerobic system
(when y
ou play at low intensity or when you are recovering on the bench).
To play hockey at an elite level,  you have to master individual skills, individual tactics and team tactics.
You also have to train for success, "eat to compete - eat to recover" ,  you have to train the energy
systems that you use in hockey and you have to do mental training.

If you are a recreational player your approach to eating and training will be considerably different to that of
the elite player.
At Fred Hudson's Power Skating & Hockey Academy we can offer a program that is suitable to any
individual or group.
Skating is the foundation of our program, complimented with just the right amount of other hockey
related skills and tactics,
to allow you to improve as a player. Our goal is to help you to improve, no
matter what your skill level is
now.  We look forward to meeting you soon.
Upcoming Events - 2014
4th Annual Camp in Prince George, BC

  • Youth/Adult (16+) Advanced 2 - Individual Tactics, Team Tactics & Team
  • NEW - Nothing at this time -  Location - Coliseum - confirmed

Adv 2 Lesson Plan                                           

  • Adult Beginner/Intermediate Camp -  Nothing at this time
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  • Adult  Advanced 1 Camp -  Nothing at this time

  • All P.G. Camps - Location - Coliseum - confirmed

      Nothing at this time

    Email to confirm a spot in a camp of your choice.

All Camps are Co-ed and NON-CONTACT

Full hockey equipment is required to participate in all hockey camps  
(including helmets, visors & face masks for kids/youths).
Fred Hudson's Power Skating & Hockey Academy

Our philosophy is simple - If you can't skate you can't play hockey effectively!
Smithers, BC

  • They are finally building a new arena in Smithers - Look for New
    Programs for the fall of 2014
Terrace, BC

  • Nothing at this time